Divino Narciso

México City, Mexico

Intervention in the Ex-Convent of San Jerónimo (1) to turn it into an auditorium that meets all the  international audio quality standards for liturgical and chamber music. This is achieved by leveraging the inner volume geometry and by adding a structure that functions as a prosthesis made of steel, which is introduced as supporting element for the new functions, together with a series of transparent panels that carry the sound through the space and let the materiality of the original building be appreciated. This is a reversible intervention that allows the building to be returned to its original function.

Ex-Convent of San Jerónimo, the first Mexican convent of Jerónimas nuns from 1623 and which is currently part of the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana, located in Mexico City downtown.


Álvarez Tello in collaboration with ARDABUT / Jorge Galaviz

Furniture design
Coope, production by TUUX

Jaime Navarro

Competition 1st prize. Silver Medal in the 1st. Architecture Biennial of Mexico City